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Two Amazing Fijian Islands

As an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean, Fiji spoils us for choice when looking for an island paradise getaway. Choosing where to go can however be problematic, as there is such an abundance of islands to pick rom.  The Yasawa Island chain running away from the West Coast of Viti Levu (one of the two main large islands in Fiji) is an excellent place to start. Choosing from this chain of islands is also helpful for anyone on a budget or those who would like to tap into the Backpacker atmosphere, although this can be avoided entirely as the islands offer plenty of isolation. With over 20 Islands in the chain, here are two of the top picks for Pacific Island bliss.

Nacula Island

Due to their volcanic past many of the islands in the Yasawa group have steep summits, however Nacula Island at the end of the chain consists of more gentle hills. This provides the opportunity for a relaxing stroll to the hill top to view the amazing sunset on offer in Fiji. As an addition, the sun sets in a small gap in between Nacula and a neighbouring island, creating the scene for some brilliant views and pictures. Having journeyed to this remote spot in Fiji many people are pleased to find the nearby famous Blue Lagoon. The light and dark blue colours of the water will amaze even veteran travellers, and the bonus of fantastic snorkelling over corals along the white sandy beach make this a must-do trip whilst on Nacula Island. Nacula is ringed by isolated beaches that are accessible on even relaxing and short strolls, so it doesn’t take any planning or commitment to find your own piece of white sandy bliss. This all creates a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Tavewa Island

The short trip to Tavewa Island is probably swimmable, but most aren’t looking for that sort of exertion in such a laid back, idyllic region.Tavewa Island competes with Nacula for fantastic snorkelling and diving, but also offers a little more for those seeking to explore with dry feet. The summit on the island is a considerably more challenging trek than on Nacula, but it is definitely worth it for those committed. It can be done in Flip Flops, but certain sections contain loose rock and shingle, so wearing trainers does make the summit walk more comfortable. Being at this increased elevation sets hikers up for breath taking views down on the surrounding Nacula and Nanuya Laillai islands. As well as this, the view seaward offers an awe-inspiring sight and gives an appreciation of the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. Adding to its more adventurous nature than Nacula, visitors to Tavewa Island are spoilt with the option of participating in the Sawailau caves trip, which is a short boat or Jet Ski trip away (available to hire). Once there, the main cavern can simply be strolled into, but for the more daring you can swim underwater via a tunnel into the next chamber!

The isolation offered by these remote islands at the end of the chain means that it is a ferry trip in excess of 4 hours to reach these locations. This adds to the beauty of it all, as the ferry pass therefore grants travellers a free tour of the entire island chain on the journey out there. The added bonus here is that seeing all the resorts and islands on the way up means anyone interested can also schedule in additional stops on the journey back to Viti Levu.

Author Bio – Matthew has been to some amazing locations this year and has been writing about them for Hayes and Jarvis. He expects to visit Thailand during his next trip to the Far East.


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