Hotels in Mayfair: Accessing London’s Major Attractions

Like all major cities in the world, London is a big place encompassing some very different areas.  Visitors to the capital thus have a wide choice of where to stay, with accommodation generally becoming more affordable the further you move away from the bustle the historic centre, the City of London.  For those that want to experience the highlights of the capital there can be few better options than hotels in Mayfair.  Hotels in Mayfair typically offer luxury accommodation, as you would expect of one of the most prestigious areas in the city.  Unsurprisingly, given the attractive qualities of Mayfair, there are a number of options here – try taking a look at the hotels in Mayfair operated by Millennium Hotels.  

Mayfair is in fact in an area of London called the City of Westminster, which is adjacent to the City of London.  As mentioned, the City of London is the historic centre around which modern metropolitan London grew, and has been inhabited for thousands of years.  Usually referred to simply as the City, this area is also known as the Square Mile, and most of the major tourist attractions in London are to be found in and around the Square Mile and the neighbouring City of Westminster.

The Palace of Westminster is home to the two Houses of Parliament, the House of Lords and the House of Commons.  Perhaps more importantly for tourists, the Palace of Westminster is also home to the Clock Tower containing the famous ‘Big Ben’.  While many people commonly call the Clock Tower Big Ben, the name actually refers to the heaviest of the five bells which ring within.

The London Eye is situated on the South Bank of the Thames, between Westminster Bridge and Hungerford Bridge.  While the structure of the London Eye is in fact visible from many parts of Mayfair, there is nothing like actually getting a view from inside one of the gondolas when it reaches the top of this giant Ferris wheel.  Offering the best panoramic views of central London, the London Eye is understandably busy pretty much all year round.  However, advance booking of special ‘queue jumper’ tickets is possible, and strongly recommended for those with limited time for sight-seeing in the city.

When you have finished with the standard tourist tick list, Mayfair itself is home to some of the prime shopping areas in London.  Regent Street and Oxford Street offer a showcase of high street retail, as well as many high-end fashion stores.  Mayfair is also home to Savile Row, the world famous home of bespoke gentlemen’s tailoring.  There is also a host of other attractions, from the house in which the composer Handel resided, to the former residence of rock legend Jimi Hendrix.  For more information on things to see and do in Mayfair, and indeed London as a whole, try looking at 

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