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Egypt tours bring your everything you need to lose yourself in antiquity. Start your fabulous Egypt tour in Cairo and hit all the hot spots before boarding your Nile cruise. A slow moving cruise down the River Nile takes you to all the important ports including Luxor, Aswan, Edfu , and Kom Ombo. However, there is one ingredient to kick your visit up a notch, and that's loading up on Egypt excursions.

Egypt tour excursions may be a full or half-day event or a multiple night stay in the coastal regions. All the top notch Egypt excursions can and should be booked at the time of your reservation. Remember that this fascinating country has caught the attention of the world and the Egyptian tourism points of interests are busy places. Although your local ground tour operator will be willing to book your last minute excursion, limited spaces fill up quickly. Take a look at some of the highlights off the beaten track and get busy with snagging your spot before they are all gone:

Cairo Area

* A half-day at Dashur will get you up-close and personal to two unique pyramids. Visit the rusty Red Pyramid and the perplexing Bent Pyramid located a couple of hours south of Cairo.

* The Saqqara excursion takes you to the incredible Step Pyramid commissioned for Pharaoh Djoser. Walk the funerary complex and get a close look at an ancient granary.

* Memphis is a tranquil leafy green farming area and has a carpet factory well worth a visit. Watch the youngsters create dazzling carpets and browse the showroom for a best bargain deal.


* Pompey's Pillar is located on the Mediterranean coast and is quite a site to behold. You may pay a nominal admission fee to get on the official grounds of the monument or opt to take a distant look for free. Either way is a good deal.

* The Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa are a mysterious decent into the Greco-Roman era graves. Although there are no royals buried here, a visit to the catacombs sheds light on the customs and culture of ancient life in Alexandria for the commoners.

* Take a self-guided tour through Fort Qaitbey overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The interior artefacts are long gone, however the fortress itself is a thrilling castle walk and provides spectacular Alexandria views.

Nile Cruise Excursions

* Hop on a quick flight to Abu Simbel to walk through the amazing mortuary temple built by Ramses II for himself and his Great Wife, Nefertari. Abu Simbel may be the most breathtaking attraction in Egypt and not to be missed on any Egypt tour.

* Rise and shine at 5am to make your way to Luxor's West Bank. Board your hot air balloon for a slow drift over the Valley of the Kings. Your journey concludes with the ceremonial victory dance with the locals, so be a good sport and kick up your heels in the desert. Its good exercise and you will have some cool video to take home and share on Facebook.

* Extend your Nile cruise by two days to journey north of Luxor to Adydos and Denderah. You will see the Abydos King's List containing the royal record of 76 pharaohs and the cult temples of Hathor in Denderah.

The Red Sea

* Get ready for a ride on the wild side with a dune buggy excursion in Sharm el-Sheikh. Tours start at city centre and culminate along the pristine Red Sea shores.

* Hop on an ATV for a caravan excursion along the beaches in Hurghada. This picturesque Red Sea resort town does not get as much attention as Sharm el-Sheikh, however the beaches, boating and city life is superior.

* Trace the steps of Moses with a climb on Mt. Sinai and a visit to St Catherine's Monastery. Climb by day for extensive views or take the midnight run to reach the peak at sunrise. Visitors who would like to experience St Catherine's Monastery without the laborious trek may reach the site by motor coach with an option to stay overnight in a St. Catherine's area hotel.

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