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Spanish Food Pilgrimage

 Convents For Fine Confectionery If you love fine foods and enjoy travelling, visiting some of the monasteries and convents scattered across Andalucía is a must. Not only do you see some of the best of Spain, but you get to enjoy some of the best delicacies to be found anywhere. With airline tickets widely available, you can be in Spain in a few hours - and straight into the good life! Some Convents have their particular edible specialities available all year – so if you are on the hunt for a local specialities, ask local shopkeepers for "dulces de convento" – and you’ll be sent in the direction of the nearest Convent or Monastery. Most of these buildings are not signposted, so once you have found the right place, you may well be greeted with “Ave Maria purisima” – which means Hail Virgin Mary, and in response you should reply “Sin pecado concebrida” – conceived without sin. With formal greetings out of the way, you can ask about the cakes, biscuits and sweets!

Family Resorts in the Canary Islands

Guest post fromJames Howson is an avid traveller and timeshare expert with over a decade of experience reviewing top resorts. He owns an Anfi Beach Club timeshare and has spent many vacations on each of the Canary Islands, particularly at various Tenerife timeshare resorts. The islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura have grown rapidly in popularity as a family holiday destination over the past decade, with budget airlines offering far more affordable flights to the Canary Islands. The surge in popularity has resulted in tonnes of brand new hotel and apartment complexes appearing across the four islands, making it ever harder for parents to choose the right location for their family holiday. Here is a pick of five top resorts that offer something for adults and children alike.   Anfi del Mar, Gran Canaria The crème-de la crème of the Canary Islands resorts, the Anfi Group has offered unrivalled luxury to holidaymakers since the late eighties. With regul

Hotels in Mayfair: Accessing London’s Major Attractions

Like all major cities in the world, London is a big place encompassing some very different areas.   Visitors to the capital thus have a wide choice of where to stay, with accommodation generally becoming more affordable the further you move away from the bustle the historic centre, the City of London.   For those that want to experience the highlights of the capital there can be few better options than hotels in Mayfair.   Hotels in Mayfair typically offer luxury accommodation, as you would expect of one of the most prestigious areas in the city.   Unsurprisingly, given the attractive qualities of Mayfair, there are a number of options here – try taking a look at the hotels in Mayfair operated by Millennium Hotels.    Mayfair is in fact in an area of London called the City of Westminster, which is adjacent to the City of London.   As mentioned, the City of London is the historic centre around which modern metropolitan London grew, and has been inhabited for thousands of yea

Free London Attractions In Kensington

As one of the oldest and largest cities in the world, London offers many different attractions.   As a centre of fashion and music the city is a major player in global pop culture, and attracts trend setters and fashion followers every year.   However, for those that like culture in a more classic and timeless form, London is also home to some world class museums and art galleries.   Many of these are concentrated in the area around Exhibition road in south Kensington previously known as Albertopolis, in recognition of the role Prince Albert played in the 19 th century in driving the development of the area.   For the serious culture vulture, a Kensington hotel London cannot really be bettered as a base from which to explore some of these classy exhibitions.   Not only are several of these attractions within walking distance if you stay in a Kensington hotel London, the majority are also free to enter, perhaps freeing up some of your budget to enjoy a better class of acc

Hen Weekend Activities for Geeky Ladies

Every bride-to-be should celebrate her last moments of freedom in the form of a hen weekend with her girl pals. Many hen weekends simply involve a group of girlies hitting the town – and the booze – hard whilst dressed in pink tutus, high heels and tasteless fluffy cowboy hats. But not all ladies are this way inclined – more reserved girls who spend their free time playing games with a ten sided dice or reading Terry Pratchett novels instead of clubbing and waking up in a pool of their own vomit are hardly going to want to go to bars and a nightclub just because they are getting hitched. Here then, are five activities suitable for the hen weekends of female geek-types. It should be noted that alcohol can be added to the following activities if so desired – just because geeky girls dislike the nightlife scene and standard luxury hen weekends this does not necessarily mean that they don’t enjoy a tipple or two! LAN Network Party A LAN party is a gathering of people with PCs or

Profile of the ‘Big Five’ safari animals

Travellers embarking on an African safari holiday will often be keen to experience “Big Five’ game viewing. The phrase still conjures up exciting images of pioneering exploration in Africa’s most exotic destinations. The ‘Big Five’ in question refers to the African elephant, black rhino, Cape buffalo, lion and leopard.  Today, the Big Five represents the priority viewing of most tourists, and the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is perhaps the best place to see these animals, at the end of a camera lens. Safari Consultants can organise a Masai Mara safari for you – taking you to the place where the Big Five, plus animals like cheetah, zebra and giraffe, roam the beautiful grassland plains. Below are some profiles of the Big Five animals, detailing just why they are so resilient to being hunted – the last two animals on the list are considered to be the hardiest of the Big Five. African Elephant The African elephant attained its Big Five status thanks to its willingness

UK cities get the New York Times seal of approval

Three British cities praised in New York Times ‘top 45 places to visit in 2012’ list. Read on to find out which ones and why… Many UK travellers will soon be heading to the airports of London, Glasgow and Birmingham en-route to locations such as Panama, Burma and Tanzania – all places nominated in the New York Times’ top 45 list of places you must visit in 2012. But perhaps these street-wise adventurers shouldn’t be in such a hurry to depart – London, Glasgow and Birmingham all make the famous paper’s list too. Those who wish to linger a little longer in Britain’s fairest cities before flying to sunnier climes should investigate airport parking and hotel options. Travel service company FHR can arrange Glasgow airport parking or a Glasgow airport hotel a prior to your departure. There is little surprise that London has made the list – England’s capital is apparently the fourth best place to visit in 2012 – the year it hosts the Olympics However, eyebrows have definitely been

Special Resorts in Bali

If you are planning a trip to Bali, treat yourself to one of the five best luxury resorts in Bali. You deserve the lavish amenities and services provided at these luxury resorts. When you are planning your vacation, consider one of these resorts. These resorts are special, and they have made the list of the top five luxury resorts in Bali due to their amenities, services, locations and customer satisfaction ratings. Viceroy Bali Viceroy Bali, located in Ubud, bills itself as an ultra-luxury resort and spa. The resort, consisting of 25 villas along the Petanu River gorge, lives up to its hype. The villas feature king beds, espresso machines and private pools. Guests can also enjoy the resort's gymnasium, library, tennis center and yoga pavilion. Viceroy Bali is pleased to arrange for activities such as bicycling tours around the Ubud area, rice paddy treks and even white water rafting. Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort The Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, located in Tabanan,

Theme Parks with a Difference

It gets boring to visit the usual theme parks where all you see are roller coasters and high drop rides. You want something different. You want theme parks that will stimulate other parts of your body. If you haven’t got a clue which theme parks around the world are a must see, you better read this article. I have my top 4 list of craziest or scariest theme parks. Make sure that you will include these places in your bucket list Diggerland in England Who wouldn’t want to experience riding a huge bulldozer? In Diggerland , you can do that. If you want to drive the big machineries, that’s fine too. Of course, you will be supervised by an expert. It’s something different from the usual colorful theme parks in the US. It is a must try for someone who’s hungry for new thrill. Harmony Land in Japan If you have a girl friend or a daughter, she might want to visit Harmony Land. Would you like to know why? She will be surrounded by a lot of Hello Kitties. Yes, this unique theme park

Ski festivals!

Crisp, clean mountain air and the crunch of pristine powdery snow beneath your feet – there is so much excitement in the European and North American ski resorts right now. And what’s more, many resorts are even holding ski festivals! You don’t have to be a skier to enjoy a ski festival – you can go and love it for its fabulous music, raucous comedy and sumptuous food! The On the Piste Team suggests some destinations in the quest for seasonal fun!     Chef’s Cup; Italy  (22-27th January)    If you are a foodie and after Michelin-starred meals at reasonable prices, then head to the resort of Alta Badia in northern Italy this year! This special festival held annually in January is famed for its excellent hospitality and award-winning cuisine but without the price tag. Whether you are after cookery lessons, gala dinners, parties, brunches or skiing, this festival has it all! Gourmet cooking with some of the world's best chefs as well as sport, fun and team spirit; how can you decl

Paradise in Pairs

Two Amazing Fijian Islands As an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean, Fiji spoils us for choice when looking for an island paradise getaway. Choosing where to go can however be problematic, as there is such an abundance of islands to pick rom.  The Yasawa Island chain running away from the West Coast of Viti Levu (one of the two main large islands in Fiji) is an excellent place to start. Choosing from this chain of islands is also helpful for anyone on a budget or those who would like to tap into the Backpacker atmosphere, although this can be avoided entirely as the islands offer plenty of isolation. With over 20 Islands in the chain, here are two of the top picks for Pacific Island bliss. Nacula Island Due to their volcanic past many of the islands in the Yasawa group have steep summits, however Nacula Island at the end of the chain consists of more gentle hills. This provides the opportunity for a relaxing stroll to the hill top to view the amazing sunset on offer i