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Find Good Deals in the City of London

The City of London’s single square mile, stretching from just beyond St Paul’s, in the west, to the Tower of London, in the east, is an odd place. About 300,000 people work there, yet it has only 10,000 residents. It’s best known as a financial hub, but between its 500 banking offices, you’ll find old alleyways containing historic churches, fine museums, quirky pubs and smart restaurants. In short, it makes a smashing base from which to explore London. A reader writes: I’m planning a weekend break in London, and I notice from internet searches that hotels in the City (the financial district) seem good value. Is there anywhere you would recommend to stay, or is this area best avoided by tourists? Hotels here discount heavily at weekends and there are some great deals in London if you shop around, as demand from visiting (and late-working) professionals disappears. It is quiet at the weekends, which means some pubs and restaurants won’t be open, but the rest of London is not far awa

Looking Forward to Visiting Frankfurt

Looking forward to an upcoming visit to Frankfurt but struggling to put together a list of places to visit?  Worry not – here are a few events that are fun for the whole family. Cheap flights are easy to find with a few minutes on the web. Batman Live! If you are lucky enough to be heading over there in time for January 2012, then you have to catch the spectacle of Batman Live. This show will absolutely amaze you and children will also certainly love it. The show is one of the biggest productions you have ever seen and takes place on a huge stage over 30 metres in size.  Batman Live has nearly 100 different actors, acrobats and performers and mixes amazing special effects, dance routines and death-defying stunts to produce one of the most amazing shows. It is on from the 25th- 29th January 2012 and tickets cost from 20-100 Euro’s depending on your seat. Beauty World If it all sounds a bit too hectic, then maybe you would prefer to visit Beauty World.  This happens at

A Stylish Weekend in Antwerp

Antwerp is bidding to be Europe’s top spot for a stylish weekend on the tiles. There's something afoot in Antwerp. The Flanders port city, which most of us might struggle to associate with anything other than diamond-trading and not being as pretty as Bruges, has spent the past decade quietly and effectively climbing the European social ladder. It's been accumulating elegant new museums, stylish bars and cafes (4,000 night spots and counting), and high-cachet shops, in a dogged pursuit of fashion-conscious self-improvement that makes the recent sprucing up of our own provincial capitals look like the superficial scattering of a bit of lottery cash and a couple of Starbucks by comparison. A Belgian city getting cool? This sounds like something one needs to see for oneself. At first sight, from the inevitably efficient tram into Antwerp's centre, the tall, tightly packed merchants' houses, prosperously clad locals and Kensington-style clusters of priva

Winter City Breaks

Top 5 Winter City Breaks With its long nights, cold weather and the stresses and strains of the party season, winter is the perfect time to plan a getaway, with city breaks proving popular at this time of year. If you are thinking of heading off to explore a new urban environment this winter then why not consider one of the following five top winter city break destinations. Vienna Its stunning setting makes Vienna a great choice of break if you are looking for the ultimate in chocolate box winter experiences. With a range of Christmas markets offering traditional seasonal fare such as mulled wine and roast chestnuts, this is a great place to go to get in the mood for the festive season. If you fancy shopping head for the markets of the Biedermeier Quarter and pick up some great artisanal pieces, or if you are looking for a little culture tour the offerings in the museum quarter before heading to a traditional tea room for a winter warmer. New York New York is wonderful in winter.

European Union Driving Restrictions

Driving your car into and around Europe is a popular excursion for many people, whether they are simply popping into France on a ‘booze cruise’ or going on a tour in a campervan. However, driving around Europe is not something that can be done without a little forward planning, so here we offer a brief guide to getting ready for your European road trip. You   The first thing you need is a full UK driving licence of course! And make sure you carry it on you the whole time you are on your trip. You should also have copies of the following documents with you: Vehicle registration Breakdown cover (be sure you have cover for European travel) Car insurance European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)   The EHIC is the replacement for the E111 health insurance form and helps provide cover for medical costs should you require medical assistance while in Europe. It’s free and you can apply for one at the Post office or online at . With regards to temporary car insuran