Raising Arizona – and the Family

Some of the best of the wide-open spaces that people dream about are located in Arizona. From the breathtaking desert views to the bustling cities, between the brilliant sunshine and the multitude of natural wonders, Arizona is perfect for visiting and perhaps settling down with the family.

Over three hundred days of sunshine each year make the Scottsdale area of Arizona a prime place for raising your family. Arizona new homes are at their lowest prices ever, and even in this economy the number of foreclosed homes is decreasing. Access to beautiful wilderness parks and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, are prime reasons to look into purchasing a home in one of Arizona's bright new neighborhoods. It is a wonderful state for raising children and offers good schools along with safe streets.

Home to some of the most amazing wonders of the natural world--including the Grand Canyon--Arizona offers immersion into the unique and stunning natural beauty of the United States. The Canyon offers a wonderful experience with its horseshoe-shaped clear walkway. You can fly right over the Grand Canyon without stepping on to an airplane!

Cowboys, Native Americans and even real roadrunners are a part of Arizona's culture. Desert skies stretch for miles and miles without the light pollution found in many other states. You could spend time looking for alien life and join in the festivities with Arizona's UFO clubs. Since there are more unexplained UFO sightings in Arizona than in any other state in the US, it's fun for fans of outer space. The state is also home to the infamous town of Tombstone, brought to life in the movies with Wyatt Earp. Arizona new homes are found in every section of the state and offer plenty of floor plans to suite your taste. From Phoenix to Glendale, the people are friendly and the entertainment is filled with variety. Nightlife in Phoenix is renowned throughout the country, with plenty of clubs and theaters for every age including retirees. When night falls in Phoenix, there is always something to do.

Arizona offers natives and newcomers pretty much everything except an ocean view. Lakeside residences are at a premium and Arizona has plenty. The state parks are some of the finest in the country and if you appreciate wildlife, it is bountiful in Arizona. Filled with many of the largest wildlife preserves in the United States, Arizona is a spectacular place to call “home.”

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