New York Attractions

There are a variety of attractions to see when you are in the Big Apple. In fact, New York offers so many sights and sounds that may run out of time to fit them all in during your trip. But there are five attractions that should definitely not be missed while visiting the island of Manhattan, so be sure to plan accordingly.

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Empire State Building

Take a journey to the top of the Empire State building for one of the most fantastic views of Manhattan. Located midtown at 34th Street and 5th Avenue, the Empire State Building is a beacon from most points in the city and visitors can head up to the 102nd floor Observatory for a panaramic view of the city. Tickets can be bought at the Empire State Building (the kiosk is on the 86th floor; a ticket booth can be found at the Empire State Building's entrance; or guests can purchase them in advance online).

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty is synonomous with New York, and while she is majestic to view, she remains a symbol of the long-standing friendship between the United States and France, who presented the statue to the U.S. in 1876. She stands for freedom and democracy and visitors can walk up the 354 steps to the statue's crown. Located on Liberty Island, you have to take either a ferry from New Jersey or from Battery Park to reach the statue.

Central Park

Central Park is 843 beautiful acres of green grass, lakes, paths and activities. Visitors can take a guided tour,wander around its wide open spaces, ride the carousel, rent a boat, take in one of the many free concerts offered by the park or simply enjoy the view with an afternoon picnic. Central Park is easily accessed by foot or by the subway system and runs along 59th Street, 110th Street, 5th Avenue and Central Park West on the West. Best of all, the park is free.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Known as The Met, this museum is one of the most popular places to visit in New York City. It features a huge array of art collections and often has special exhibits. Make sure to check out the rembrandt paintings, the collection of ancient artifacts from Egypt of the stunning stained glass by Tiffany. The Met is located at 5th and 86th Street and visitors can take the 4, 5 or 6 trains to 86th Street and then walk or take a cab to the museum.


If you're in New York, and you don't see one of the shows on Broadway, your visit is incomplete. Whether your taste is musicals or serious dramatic plays, there is something for everyone on Broadway. The productions are bar none the best in the world - no one puts on a show like Broadway. With over 40 theaters and shows to choose from, you'll find something that appeals to you and your companions. All of the theaters run in the midtown's theatre district, which can be reached by taking a cab, the subway or by foot. There are a ton of restaurants surrounding the theatre district, so grab a bite before or after the show.

Guest writer Hilary lives in New York City and loves every minute of it. Despite being a travel writer and visiting destinations throughout the world, she wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Her hot tip for visitors to the city is to find New York accommodation in the heart of New York City. With busy streets and chaotic taxi drivers you'll be thankful you stayed walking distance from the main attractions.


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