The Joys of Slow Travel

In this day and age, everyone's trying to get somewhere fast. An overnight flight can take you where you need to go in the shortest time possible, making it a popular way to travel with cash rich, time poor Britons. However, it seems that more and more people are beginning to appreciate the joys of slow travel. A recent article in the Daily Mail reveals that an incredible 835,000 passengers are due to set sail from Britain's ports in 2012. This figure constitutes a massive 28% increase in the popularity of cruise holidays amongst Britains over the past two years.
Why it makes sense to take things slowly
Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions of the cruise, is that your holiday begins the moment you board the boat. With a cruise holiday, there's no more waiting around for delayed flights, stressful trips through security or chaotic scenarios at baggage reclaim. Cruises make use of one of the oldest and most majestic modes of transport, so you can experience the joys of slow travel. As soon as you set sail, you can relax and enjoy the wealth of facilities which cruise ships have to offer. From five star dining experiences and lively evening entertainment, to on board cinemas, gyms and lectures, there's something for everyone as you while away the hours on board, passing by some of the world's most stunning vistas.
With a cruise holiday, the old adage that time is money is turned on its head. A cruise holiday is a fantastic investment which promises you time for money. You can't put a price on the pleasure of taking the time to enjoy some of the world's most beautiful landscapes. Boarding a cruise liner doesn't just get you from A to B, it takes you to places you never imagined you could visit. There's no limit to where a cruise can take you.
Arctic Adventures
Whether you're after a short European break or an intercontinental experience, there's a cruise holiday out there to take you where you want to go. Adventuring types can take advantage of the Arctic Circle cruises, passing by Norway, Greenland and Iceland. On the Arctic Cruise, you'll have the opportunity to observe some of the Arctic's native species, including polar bears, and humpback whales. If you're after the experience of a lifetime, why not try a journey through the Altadalen Valley, where you'll have the chance to go Husky Sledding.
Winter Sun in the Middle East
For a luxurious break, why not try the a cruise to the Middle East, where you can take in the winter sunshine in Dubai, and enjoy the splendour of the United Arab Emirates?  There are plenty of resorts in the Middle East where you'll be able to stop for a relaxing break on the land. From shopping and spas, to romantic beach breaks, a cruise to the Middle East is guaranteed to be an indulgent treat for mind and body.
Oriental Experiences
A long cruise holiday is also ideal if you're keen to go further afield, but don't like the idea of stressful long-haul flights. For those interested in travelling to the Far East, a World Cruise or World Cruise Sector trip is the ideal way to enjoy the delights of the Orient. For a beautiful city break in Hong Kong or Shanghai. Alternatively why not take   advantage of the stunning, hot beaches of Thailand and Indonesia? To complete your voyage of discovery, many cruise packages offer you the opportunity to add on extra nights, so you can take in the magic of Singapore or spend a few nights in Beijing.
Wonders close to home
Of course, you don't have to set sail on a long voyage to experience the wonders of a cruise holiday. There are some amazing cruises which take you round some of the most incredible locations in Europe. Departing from Southampton, you can sail across the Mediterranean and take in the charms of Bordeaux, Biarritz and Lisbon. For something a little different, a Baltic Cruise can take you to Tallinn, Estonia's magical captial city, where you can marvel at the Medieval streets and enjoy the best of comforting Baltic cuisine.
The world is a big and beautiful place, and there really is no excuse not to enjoy it all. With a cruise holiday, every journey is as enjoyable as the time spent at your destination.

Article provided free of charge by Jackie, who writes on behalf of a premier cruise provider.


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