Combining A Holiday in Scotland With A Trip To A Cookery School

One of the joys of traveling overseas and visiting different countries is being able to taste local food and delicacies. Scotland has a proud tradition of producing great food, and there are lots of restaurants specializing in fantastic local produce such as seafood, beef or soft fruits. Although going to restaurants is all well and good, the best way of getting a true insight into Scottish cooking is by booking a day at one of the numerous cookery schools across the country. During a day at a cookery school you will make new friends who are as into food as you are, learn new techniques and time saving techniques, and acquire some superb new recipes with which to impress your friends when you return home.

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There are cookery schools springing up across Scotland to tap into this desire to make great food, and some of the best are listed below.

Nick Nairn Cook School

Nick Nairn is a well-known television chef in the UK and set up his own cookery school in the Stirlingshire countryside 10 years ago. The program of classes offered at the purpose built school is extensive and includes everything from Thai curries to Scottish cooking, which is Nick’s specialty. The atmosphere during cooking sessions is relaxed and with only 24 students per class, everyone is guaranteed to get the chance to ask questions as well as get lots of hands on cooking experience under the gaze of the team of chefs. Even better, there’s no clearing up as all utensils and plates are whisked away once used, leaving you more time to concentrate on your cooking and brushing up on your food presentation skills. Courses run every day of the week, with weekend courses being particularly popular so booking ahead is recommended. Check out the website for last minute deals which are often offered at a heavy discount.

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Across the other side of the country, and in the city center of Edinburgh, is the New Town Cookery School. The school caters for cooks of all abilities, so even if you struggle to boil an egg, there will be a course for you. Courses range from short two hour taster sessions to full week and two week courses, covering all cookery techniques as well as specialist courses such as Mediterranean cookery or baking. Younger visitors aren’t left out either with special classes for teens and kids aged 9 to 12. For a more intensive cookery experience, residential courses at an out of town location are also available.

Cookery School in Glasgow

The Glasgow Cookery School also offers a good range of short courses and is particularly well-known for its evening courses, where you cook your own dinner in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, while learning some new tricks and techniques along the way. As well as food courses, you can also learn how to mix the best cocktails or indulge in a spot of whisky tasting.


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