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A guest article from Kevin O’Connor is an interactive producer for Olicity, an online marketing firm in Las Vegas. He writes about everything Sin City including all the nightlife in Las Vegas

There is no shortage of incredible night clubs in Las Vegas. With luxury come luxury-type problems. Which club do you choose? Well, each club has its advantages and disadvantages, but the first thing you need to know is which club is best on which night. So here are my recommendations for Las Vegas night clubs, one for each day of the week:

Sunday – Vanity Nightclub @ Hard Rock

What better day to embrace the sin of “Vanity” than on Sunday? Located at the Hard Rock, this club is consistently filled with beautiful people. Good sized dance floor and balcony, so when you get too hot dancing your heart out you can catch a breather on the deck.

Monday – XS Nightclub @ Encore

Billed as one THE most expensive club ever built, XS is a pretty amazing place to experience. There are so many open spaces and places to go you might not even see the whole club in one visit. Outside by the pool there is a peninsula-like bar with black jack table. XS is aptly named.

Tuesday – Pure @ Caesars Palace

Pure is located at Caesars Palace and is always a good time on Tuesday nights. The dancefloor is small and packed, so expect to bump and grind if you plan to dance. I recommend taking the elevator to the rooftop bar for an awesome view of the strip and some fresh air before hitting the dance floor again.

Wednesday – Lavo @ Palazzo

Do you like old school hip-hop? Of course you do, who doesn’t? Well, Wednesdays are old school hip-hop nights at Lavo with an old school celebrity on the turntables every week. Last time I went it was Black Sheep and the time before that it was KRS-1. The music is great and most of the club is dance floor, which is nice. Can’t go wrong with Lavo on Wednesday nights.

Thursday – TAO Nightclub @ Venetian

TAO has stayed one of the hottest clubs in town since it opened in 2005. Beautiful women in gold bikinis dancing on the walls should be enough to get you here and keep you. Often TAO gets the top DJ’s and special guest hosts. Thursday night is TAO’s industry night, which always gives it a little more energy. There are different rooms in TAO with different kinds of music in each room, so you are bound to find the right groove for you.

Friday – The Bank @ Bellagio

It’s Friday night, so you really can’t go wrong, but The Bank is only open Thurs-Sun, so Friday is a great day to head to the Bellagio and check out The Bank. The stadium like design gives you the feeling of being in Ancient Rome’s Coliseum, but instead of gladiators fighting lions, you have a dance floor in the center stage. The Bank is money on Friday nights.

Saturday – Tryst Nightclub @ Wynn

Tryst, like Xs is a super-club—just massive in scale. There are some beautiful water works outside, and plenty of room to find yourself someone to dance with or possibly even hold a conversation with. Tryst is certainly a must see club, which is why I gave it top billing on Saturday night.
There you have it, seven days and seven Las Vegas clubs. Now you will never find yourself in Las Vegas without a party to go to. See you on the dance floor.

Kevin O’Connor is an interactive producer for Olicity, an online marketing firm in Las Vegas. He writes about everything Sin City including all the clubs in Las Vegas.


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