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Bali is an island in Indonesia, and is most famous for its amazing landscape and nature, wonderful beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. Furthermore it is the main hot spot in the movie "Eat, Pray, Love". Many tourists visit Bali throughout the year to experience their Indonesian culture and food. Many tourists from Europe go there in winter to escape the cold winter season in Europe. So if learning and experiencing a new culture seems like your forte, a visit to Bali can help make that happen. Bali is a very cultural place, but there's some things you should know before you go.

The first thing you should know, is that the hotels and vacation homes in Bali are very cultural, sometimes even too cultural. So it's best that you know where you're going to stay, because sometimes, people book a trip to Bali expecting a beautiful hotel, but once they arrive, they're stay in a very small home. So make sure you know where you're going to stay. The best place to stay in Bali, are the Private Villas. These private villas are located right in the middle of Bali, Indonesia and they're very easy to find. Though it is best that you do your research before going. There are several travel sites on the internet where you will also find previous experience from former visitors of Bali.

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In Bali, you can expect to find a great amount of Indonesian food. But if eating the traditional Chinese and Japanese food seems like your choice, there's still plenty of restaurants in Bali that provide that. In fact, you can actually find a Hard Rock Cafe in Bali. There are three restaurants worth checking out. Atmosphere Cafe in Tuban, the Bali Colada Cafe and also the Bali Cyber Cafe in Kuta. These three are all beautiful restaurants that give you both cultural food and non cultural food for a very good price.

Moreover there are several different places you should visit. There's Kuta, Tuban, Legian, Sanur, Seminyak and Canggu. Those are just a few of the places in Bali, but here are many attractions, many beaches and many different restaurants and bars to visit. If you want to do some water sports there also are plenty of opportunities. From water ski to deep sea diving, everything is possible. But surly not everyone wants to make an adventure out of their holiday. If you are planning a honeymoon to Bali, nearly every hotel provides special deals for these occasions. All of Bali is beautiful in it's own way, and a visit is worth it if you want to experience the beauty of nature.

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