Back Through Time in Michigan

After a long year in the class room your students can become bored and frustrated. School tours are a fantastic way to keep your students interested and engaged in the subject material. By bringing your students on a school tour you’ve given them the opportunity to spread their wings and learn in a style that is exciting and engaging.

Guest post from Sally who is a school teacher from Michigan with a passion for educational travel.

Colonial Michilimackinac

Michigan Time Travellers gives your students a great opportunity to learn about the American Civil War in a fun and exciting way. Fort Mackinac once a hub for fur trading, is now a great way for your students to delve into a different way of life. Immersion is one of the easiest ways to learn, bringing to life an exciting journey that might seem less engaging within the pages of a book. Activities are available for your students to take part in such as marching in uniform, washing clothes as they would have in the 1770s and various other roleplaying tasks.

Grand Hotel

Opening in July 1887 the Grand Hotel has been visited by a multitude of well-known people, including four US presidents as well as an endless amount of well-known celebrities. The hotel is an incredibly iconic landmark with its porch spanning a massive 660 feet. The hotel is located on Mackinac Island and motorised transport is strictly forbidden. Interestingly the only way to get around on Mackinac Island is by horse and carriage or by bicycle.

This offers your students the opportunity to explore this beautiful island is by renting a bicycle, which are available for rental on an hourly basis. Carriage Tours are also available on the island, which have been provided since 1869, making them the most authentic way to explore the island.

Maritime Museum

The Michigan Maritime Museum will give your students a great opportunity to learn about Michigan’s marine history. The museum itself is home to numerous shipwrecks and artefacts from the nearby fort.

By taking your students on a thought provoking school tour you will not only keep their education interesting and exciting, but also it will be a welcome break from their usual learning style. Trips such as these are a great way to get the best out of your students. When they are stimulated by the subject matter they are far more likely to comprehend what you are trying to teach them and any school trip is a welcome change from a normal class room experience.


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