See the Sites of Peru in Comfort

Peru! Magnificent land from the peaks of the Andes Mountains to the forest of the Amazon Basin.

Visiting the area is a dream of some while others make it an annual event. However, one major concern of first time visitors is how do they get around in comfort while in Peru. Is backpacking and walking treacherous trails the only form of travel? If so, the excitement and beauty will be overshadowed by the weariness of sore feet, tired and weary bodies. Hiking through valleys and thick terrain can dwarf the beauty of the land and even cause visitors to forego visiting this splendid area with its many exciting activities and attractions.

Bus Tours

Visit Peru’s old world areas while traveling in the comfort of a bus. Day trips by bus are available to areas such as Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Huaca Pucllana or Sacred Valley. Bus tours are generally conducted by English speaking guides. Call ahead to arrange your tour in advance. If your trip was planned by a travel agency, have your travel agent schedule every hour of your trip to include bus tours in your itinerary. If a tour is a last minute consideration, your hotel staff should be able to make arrangements. Ask the desk clerk to call and arrange your plans to include a bus tour. Bus tours are typically very comfortable with limited to no safety issues. Bus tour guides have an itinerary planned. Stops are conducted along the way allowing tourist an opportunity to capture pictures of breathtaking views, captivating scenes and take in the fascinating animal activity. Also included are rest stops. If the tours last a day or longer, lodge accommodations are included along with restaurants and other events arranged for visitors pleasure.

Tours by Private Taxi

Unlike bus tours, a taxi offers the opportunity to pick and choose your areas of interest. You are not bound by a pre-selected route or schedule. Tourist have the privacy of their own family with the exception of the driver. The routes taken are those you specify. The guide is the one you select. Times, dates and schedules are yours to determine. In Peru, it's very easy to have a hotel employee call and arrange for taxi guides to take you around Peru on any tour you wish. Taxi tour guides can be hired out hourly, daily or weekly. Walking the terrains of Peru is unheard of unless you are one for roughing it. Taxi services are available for preset rates.

For the ultimate in luxury and comfort, get a bespoke, tailormade holiday created for you to Peru so that you can travel exactly how you want and exactly where you want in Peru!


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