A Morocco Holiday Between the Desert And The Mediterranean Sea

Holidays in Morocco

The name Morocco conjures up exotic images of steamy desert nights, mind boggling Mediterranean beaches, the mysterious Casablanca and hypnotic Arabian rhythms. This North African nation has a long history of fun and adventure. It is still true today. Morocco is a great place to spend a holiday. It is like taking a step back in time. You can swaddle yourself in silks, raw cotton and handmade leather products, sample amazing dishes, take a desert safari, relax in a traditional steam bath, visit ancient communities or go skiing in the Atlas Mountains. It is an experience you will remember forever.

Spending your holiday on the Mediterranean Coast is hard to top. Few things are as relaxing as the Mediterranean weather. When that is combined with exotic Middle Eastern food and the laid back lifestyle, people on holiday may never want to leave. There are lots of fun things to do in Morocco. One of the most interesting is surfing on Morocco's Atlantic coast. During the winter when the weather is mild and the swells are good, surfers in the know make their way to Morocco to enjoy it. If that is more than you want to do then you can lay back in a traditional hammam, or steam bath, and get a good scrubbing. It is an incredible experience. For a small additional fee you can get an excellent massage as well. You will emerge feeling refreshed and squeaky clean.

Another fun experience is learning how to cook traditional Moroccan food. Moroccan food combines elements from Andalusia, Turkey, the Berbers, the Middle East and France and creates something completely unique. The classes teach novices how to use innovative techniques and fresh ingredients to make flavourful traditional tagine and couscous dishes. The classes usually last half a day and students learn about more than just food, they are immersed in Moroccan culture. Want authentic Moroccan dishes with having to cook them yourself? Have dinner at Djemma el Fna. Djemma el Fna is a large square in the heart of the Medina or old city. Each evening excellent food venders, musicians, dancers, jugglers, snake charmers and all manner of entertainers descend on the square and create a carnival like atmosphere. You can stroll among the crowd or sit in one of the cafe's overlooking the square and enjoy the spectacle. The food is fantastic and the experience is unmatchable.

If you truly want to know Morocco you must spend a night in the Sahara Desert. The ideal way to do that is to visit the village of Merzouga. Located about 450 miles from Marrakech, Merzouga is home to one of the rarest desert features, the desert lake called Dayet Sriji. You can explore the region by camel and be amazed by the waters flowing through the canal, but be sure to wear a hat, sun sunglasses and bring water. Nights in Merzouga are amazing. You feel you can reach out and touch the vast star-laden desert sky. A Moroccan holiday is unforgettable.

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