Two of the Best Spiritual Holiday Destinations in India

India is well known for offering the best spiritual getaways in the world. If you’re in search of some unusual places to rest, pray and heal your mind, body and soul then you must choose India in your next tour itinerary. In India, you get some of the popular spiritual destinations. While you get to explore both the well known and also the less known, the discovered and the undiscovered in India, here are some of the best spiritual holiday ideas and destinations to rejuvenate your soul.


One of the popular pilgrimage sites of India is Ajmer. The city of Ajmer allures both Muslim and Hindus alike. This place is known as the resting abode of the famous Sufi saint Chisti Silsilah, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. The Sufi saint is honored by people of different creed, caste and religion.

The resting place of Khwaja becomes the place of union of different communities during annual Urs celebration especially when people of different creed and faith visit this revered shrine to offer their homage and to seek a blessing or a boon or peace of mind.

The very ambiance of this place with the dervishes, the qawwals and the khadims takes you to a different world. Altogether you get a different experience enjoying the music and the ambiance that the songs and music of qawwals create.

Ajmer is sited in the center of the state of Rajasthan. This city along with its closest neighbor Pushkar brims and provides a unique spiritual fervor. Visit during the Pushkar fair or the annual Urs to see the whole city immersed in religious zeal. Located on the lower slopes of the Taragarh Hill which is in the Aravalli Range, Ajmer also offers a great sight seeing experience for the thousands of tourists that come here each year.

Without differences, people seeking spiritual insights from all walks of life visit Ajmer leaving behind the prejudices, just to achieve salvation and peace. Some of the best places to visit while in Ajmer include The Hazrat Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti Dargah, the Jama Al Tamish or the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, the Taragarh Fort, Nasiyan Temple, New and Old Rangji Temple, Khobra Behroon Temple, the Ana Saga Lake, Sola Khamba Tomb, Ajmer Museum and Jami Masjid of Shah Jahan.


The popular Yoga capital has grown extensively with several ashrams and hotels almost doubled up with the increasing numbers of the tourists that visit Rishikesh. One thing which remained unchanged is the very character of the place. Its deep association with meditation and yoga and favorite destination to recharge and relax and soul never changed. Rishikesh is also one of the most recommended destinations to enjoy rafting and the icy cold waters of Ganga.

Rishikesh is situated on the route to the Shri Badrinath Dham. It is about 24 kilometers from Haridwar. Also popular as the gateway to Char Dam located in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh serves home to several yoga ashrams.

Some of the most popular places to visit in Rishikesh include Laxman Jhoola, Laxman Temple, Triveni Ghat, Bharat Mandir, Rishikund. There are several temples in Rishikesh. Some of the most popular ones are Pushkar temple, Raghunath temple, Shatrughan temple and Bhagirath temple.

Accommodation will not be a problem in the spiritual holiday destinations in India. There are several luxury and budget hotels in India. Hotels in India often range from budget to mid range. Therefore, you can make your spiritual holiday in India an enjoyable one.

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