Life in Malta - Work and Study

Malta is an archipelago situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, just south of Sicily. Although only 300 square kilometres in area, you will find more here than any other island. The stunning climate, breathtaking scenery, rich history and culture, and friendly people make it the perfect place to live. Add to this its frenetic nightlife and suddenly many students and young workers realise why Malta is becoming such a popular destination to study and work. Here is what you can expect if you study or work on this enchanting island.

Studying in Malta

Malta offers both a number of short courses and excellent undergraduate study facilities. Compared with courses offered in other European countries you will find studying in Malta to be fairly inexpensive, with exceptionally high educational standards. The University in Malta is one of the oldest educational establishments in the world and retains great pride in its standards. The most popular courses in Malta are European or Arabic language courses, but you will find a course for everything from traditional lace making to medicine. Keep in mind that places are limited at the University so you need to apply early. With the exception of law, all of the courses are recognised internationally. However, lawyers Malta also meet the incredibly high standards set by the Maltese educational system.

Working in Malta

As previously mentioned it can be quite difficult to obtain legal permission to work on the island and to find a job in Malta because of the island’s size. Since its recent accession to the European Union any European Citizen can live and work in Malta, and Australian citizens who are younger than 30 years of age can work in Malta for one year as part of the “Working Holiday Visa” program. Most other citizens find it incredibly difficult to find work in Malta.

However, for those who are eligible to work on the islands there are some job types that are easier to obtain. Anything that involves technology, computers, sales and translation work offers the highest paid salaries (although these are low by European standards). Seasonal jobs in restaurant and bars are available but there is generally very little advertising of available positions other than in the venue itself.

Do not let this put you off looking for a job in Malta. Apart from the favourable tax in Malta, living, studying and working here is an incredible and very rewarding experience. The small size of the island means that you have the opportunity to explore the country and learn about its history and culture first hand. While the summer months are generally the most popular for tourists, visiting and staying here in spring, autumn and winter are the best times to enjoy a more authentic Maltese experience.

If you are interested in living, studying and working in Malta then start doing your research now. You could be in Malta in just a few short weeks.

Sally Roberts is a writer of investment and property related issues.


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