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Cádiz Spain

CÁDIZ With the same photogenic charm of Old Havana, this fist-shaped promontory is literally crumbling. For millennia, successive batterings from sea and invaders — Sir Francis Drake and Napoleon among them — have worn down the ancient trading port and plundered its riches. Fortunately, tourists have not invaded en masse and the snaking white-washed lanes and La Caleta beach remain uncluttered. Art must-sees include the Goya frescoes in the Oratorio de la Santa Cueva and the 21 paintings by Zurbarán at the excellent Museo de Cádiz. After sunset — best seen from the Parque del Genovés looking across the Bay of Cádiz towards El Puerto de Santa María — head to the paint-peeled Peña la Perla for some authentic cante jondo singing. Somewhere to eat in Cádiz For the best pescaíto frito (mixed fried fish) and shrimp tortilla, head to El Faro (00 34 902 211 068, For £21 the menú del dia is amazing value. Getting to Cádiz from the UK Return flights to Jerez, with Ryan

Live and Work in Malta

Apart from the beauty and lifestyle Malta has to offer, the island itself has substantial offerings in terms of quality and stability of life. This once self run colony has survived off tourism for the last half century but research has shown that many tourists and travelers that come to the island end up staying longer or even end up moving to Malta. In the last five years there has been a grater influx of people that have decided to move to Malta with EU statistics showing that Malta’s rise in population was due to immigrations. The population of the island state is now at 414, 000 and we have listed, in no particular order, some of the reasoning behind the influx of the new Maltese inhabitants and why they are choosing living in Malta over other destinations. Tax migrates People looking for a better tax-efficient system and using Malta’s double taxation agreements with certain countries move to Malta. If you’re a singular professional, you can choose to get your world-wide inco

Life in Malta - Work and Study

Malta is an archipelago situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, just south of Sicily. Although only 300 square kilometres in area, you will find more here than any other island. The stunning climate, breathtaking scenery, rich history and culture, and friendly people make it the perfect place to live. Add to this its frenetic nightlife and suddenly many students and young workers realise why Malta is becoming such a popular destination to study and work. Here is what you can expect if you study or work on this enchanting island. Studying in Malta Malta offers both a number of short courses and excellent undergraduate study facilities. Compared with courses offered in other European countries you will find studying in Malta to be fairly inexpensive, with exceptionally high educational standards. The University in Malta is one of the oldest educational establishments in the world and retains great pride in its standards. The most popular courses in Malta are European or Arabic lan

Palma Mallorca

What to see & do in Palma If there’s one thing that makes the people of Palma (Palmesanos) proud, it’s the exquisite Gothic Quarter: a maze of golden buildings between the cathedral and the river. This spectacular district, and Palma’s Catalan heritage, explain the city’s nickname, ‘little Barcelona’. Loiter by the honey-hued stonework of La Lonja and watch the dulcet Mallorcan dusk transform it into the most beautiful fish market in the world. Soaring above the marinas and boulevards with an aristocratic, seen-it-all indifference is the yellow-sandstone skyscraper of the cathedral, La Seu . It is replete with Catalan art, from Medieval statues to Gaudí’s very 20th-century Crown of Thorns. On sunny days, the sumptuous stained-glass windows fill the sepulchral interior with holy rainbows. Much of the city may look Medieval, Renaissance or modern, but there’s an even older Palma, too. Mallorca was once Phoenician, then Roman, while the

Explore Wroclaw Poland's 4th Largest City

Wroclaw, Poland Why visit Wroclaw? Because it’s the new Cracow, which used to be the new Prague — which means you can expect a gorgeous fairy-tale old town buttressed with flamboyant burgher houses. Get there before Euro 2012 kicks off and England fans twig its beer-for-a-quid party potential. Poland’s fourth largest city doesn’t ask you to work too hard. Yes, it has an art gallery, a history museum and a cathedral. But, given that the headline attraction is a wraparound cyclorama of the battle of Raclawice, the other sights are, erm, “optional”. Freed from museum-ticking, you can relax into the Rynek, the second vastest medieval square in Europe, jostled by bonkers baroque mansions in ice-cream colours: peach, pistachio, plum. You may find that it takes you all weekend just to walk across it, especially if you stop at every cobblestoned cafe and cubby-hole bar. In the middle rises the town hall, writhing with monsters, slaughtered dragons and drunken knights. By night: Wroclaw

Christmas in Europe

Facts About Christmas in Europe While it sometimes feels like the movies, music, and TV shows that portray Christmas have, in a sense, standardized the Christmas holiday for many people in America, there are still a wide variety of unique traditions and celebrations in Europe that have roots that go back hundreds of years. Before all the Christmas television specials, photo Christmas cards , and last-minute shopping, many other countries had developed some great ways to celebrate the season. Germany This country knows how to take the “naughty or nice” thing to its logical conclusion. If someone is going to show up to deliver a reward for the nice, it only makes sense that someone else should be there to deliver the punishment for the naughty. On Saint Nicholas’ Days (Dec. 6), the Saint would show up at homes, schools, or public events and put goodies in children’s shoes. Sometimes though, he shows up with Knecht Ruprecht, who is usually dressed somewhat diabolically and is

Shipwrecks of the Caribbean

The ocean bottom is a mystifying setting and home to millions of shipwrecks distributed throughout the bottom of the sea. Diving for shipwrecks to investigate the history and relics of sunken ships has become a pass time, and the Caribbean is the site of fantastic finds in sunken ships. Divers in the Caribbean will find the water warm and clear with exquisite diving spots of the coral reefs, animal life and the wrecks of sunken ships. One Caribbean wreck, the MS Antilla, is located near the Arashi reef near Aruba. During World War II, The Germans used this 400 foot freighter to transport supplies to the submarines that were watching over the Dutch Antilles. After the Germans occupied the Netherlands, the ship’s crew were compelled to surrender. However, the captain sank the MS Antilla in 50 feet of water. Corals, sponges and other marine life have made one of the largest wrecked ships in the Caribbean their home. The ship is still unbroken and provides a first-rate diving spot for

The Wonderful World of Disney Orlando Florida

Walt Disney World Resort, or Disney World, in Orlando, Florida is one of the best theme parks in the world. It provides a wide range of entertainment alternatives for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Opened in 1971 by the visionary Walt Disney, Disney World continues to grow to adjust to the entertainment needs of its growing market. When Disney World opened in Orlando in 1971 it featured only the Magic Kingdom. Today its 47 square mile complex also offers the Epcot Center, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios along with two water parks, 23 resort hotels and a large number of health and entertainment facilities. Mickey Mouse has been the iconic face of Disney World since its beginning. But Disney World is now much more than Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and the gang. Disney World now offers a wide array of sophisticated entertainment choices designed to entertain and educate people of all ages. Through the Epcot Center Disney World helps pe

Bologna tourist free - for now..

Bologna, Italy Bologne has for too long been overshadowed by more famous Italian destinations. Bologna is now gaining a reputation as the perfect Italian city for a short break, with one big bonus — there are not yet a lot of tourists clogging up the medieval arcades. Known as La Grassa (“the fat one”) for its rich food and La Dotta (“the learned one”) for its famous university, Bologna is a cosmopolitan city with a small-town feel. A quarter of its population of about 400,000 are university students, giving the city a frenetic youthful buzz. Begin your exploration in a cafe on Piazza Maggiore — the elegant main square, lined with medieval and Renaissance palaces — admiring the view of San Petronio, one of a dozen or so spectacular churches in the historic centre. Just round the corner, past the Fountain of Neptune, where nymphs squirt water from their breasts, is the Palazzo d’Accursio, which contains a museum dedicated to the compelling still lifes of local boy Giorgio Morandi (

Two of the Best Spiritual Holiday Destinations in India

India is well known for offering the best spiritual getaways in the world. If you’re in search of some unusual places to rest, pray and heal your mind, body and soul then you must choose India in your next tour itinerary. In India, you get some of the popular spiritual destinations. While you get to explore both the well known and also the less known, the discovered and the undiscovered in India, here are some of the best spiritual holiday ideas and destinations to rejuvenate your soul. Ajmer One of the popular pilgrimage sites of India is Ajmer. The city of Ajmer allures both Muslim and Hindus alike. This place is known as the resting abode of the famous Sufi saint Chisti Silsilah, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. The Sufi saint is honored by people of different creed, caste and religion. The resting place of Khwaja becomes the place of union of different communities during annual Urs celebration especially when people of different creed and faith visit this revered shrine to offer their


Thessalonika, Greece Greece’s second city is barely known as a weekend destination, yet it has a trove of ancient sites, fabulous local cuisine, a superb cafe scene and brilliant nightlife. Stroll anywhere in the grid-patterned art-deco streets of the lower town and you’ll happen on wonderful churches and ancient ruins. The Pantheon-like Rotunda, built by the Romans in AD306, has walls 18ft thick and a glistening interior of gold-leafed mosaics. I wandered in twice (entry is free) and had the place to myself both times — try that in Athens or Rome. Other attractions include the Arch of Galerius, with its heroic stone-carved figures, the magnificent gloom of the Agia Sofia (a church, then a mosque, now a church again — built as a copy of the Istanbul original), a Roman amphitheatre and baths. There’s a clever hourly Cultural Route bus, No 50: hop on and off all day for £1.80. Even if you’re not tempted, download its route map from — it shows all the main historic sites. Th

Explore Porto

Porto, Portugal Porto can’t be this perfect for long. Porto is a handsome rogue of a city, all the more charismatic because of its state of crumbling glamour. With the Portuguese economy imploding, though, there may not be much cash to prevent picturesque disrepair sliding into ruin. Go before chunks of it fall down. Porto, Portugal Porto is commendably light on day-wasting sights. The churches, museums and Rem Koolhaas’s modernist concert hall are all ordinary enough to be skipped with a clear conscience, leaving you to relish the only real must-see: the city itself. It’s a marvel, a superbly ramshackle jumble of medieval tenements, art-deco mansions, winding alleyways and bustling commerce that rewards strolling with endless surprises. It’s stubbornly ungentrified, too: in buildings that anywhere else would have been turned into museums, street-level mechanics bash scooter engines back to life while, upstairs, matriarchs lean over laundry-hung art-nouveau balconies, carrying o

India travel ideas in September

India enjoys a diversified climatic condition in different regions. Passionate travellers see no climatic barriers and wish to travel everywhere. However, for those who are travelling with family and friends for a relaxing and entertaining vacation characterized by shopping, sight seeing, etc, here are some India travel ideas in September. Vacationing in the Eastern-North Eastern States This region is known for its magnificent picturesque landscape and green stretches that become even greener post-monsoon. While places like Agartala are known for their forest cover and soothing climate, Shillong and Darjeeling are known for their green, hilly landscape. Shantiniketan in West Bengal is known for its harvest festival or ‘poush’ celebrations and the famous ‘poush mela’ that exhibits handicrafts and master craftsmanship from across the state. Literally meaning ‘the abode of peace’, Shantiniketan has created a mark in the memories of travelers with its rich culture and colorful fes