France In A Flash - Arrange A Quick French Getaway

France In A Flash - How To Arrange A Super-quick French Getaway

Sometimes you just want to drop it all and get out of the country for a bit. Maybe an overnight stay or a weekend is all you need to get a change of scene and perhaps a bit of perspective on life at home. For such last-minute travel whims booking a flight is a drag. Firstly, you need to research the airline operators who use your local airport, then pick a destination that won’t set you back a fortune, then work out their baggage charges and airport taxes. For a quick getaway, airports are really nothing like as convenient as they used to be even twenty years ago.

Instead, consider a trip to France as a much more viable option for your party, especially if it is to be arranged at the last moment. By foot, it is easy to get to the Channel ports of Northern France like Calais, Dunkirk or Boulogne-sur-mer. If you choose to take your car, then it is not much further to head into Normandy, Belgium or even the French capital itself, Paris. Any of these destinations are perfectly good choices for a short break - even a single overnight stay. If you are going for a weeklong getaway, then most of Western Europe opens up as a holiday destination.

However, if you are looking for a super-quick break, then it is likely that you won’t want much onward travel once you hit French soil. Additionally, you will probably find it more convenient to take your car on Eurotunnel than via one of the ferry operators. This is because the Le Shuttle services that run through the tunnel are faster than a ferry to France and you can get on enjoying your getaway all the sooner. Booking is quite easy and there are various pricing points that you can look over which reflect the length of your chosen stay.

Once in France, it is easy to get into the swing of things and relax a little. For starters, the French autoroutes are – generally speaking – much more pleasant to drive on than the UK’s motorways. Most French towns have tourist offices which you can navigate to by simply following the signs. Here, you will be able to arrange your accommodation quite easily and there is usually someone around who can help in English, if your French is not that good. However, if you are travelling on a Sunday, then it is a wise move to book your accommodation in advance, because many of these offices shut.

Once settled into your bed and breakfast, self-catering accommodation or hotel, head out and sample some of the local French culture. For many, of course, this means the local cuisine. If you are only staying for a night or two, make sure you get the best out of your visit and book a table at a good restaurant or bistro. Relax and enjoy with a glass or two of vin rouge!

Balboa Island Newport Beach

Here’s Why Balboa Island Should be Your Next Vacation Destination

Balboa Island is a small, modified island that is considered a part of Newport Beach, CA. The ocean forms a sort of moat around the island as it has no waterway access to the open ocean. 

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The island has just under 3,000 residents and is predominantly devoted to beach-going tourists with a multitude of wonderful resorts, ocean activities and events. Of all the beaches in California, why take a trip to Balboa Island? Here are a few reasons.

There is a Wonderful Array of Activities 
Balboa Island offers a number of fun activities for its visitors. Kid-friendly activities include sand castle exhibits, parasailing, and good, old-fashioned beach trips. Boat tours, whale watching, and snorkeling can be fun for the whole family while more adult-oriented adventures might include boat rentals or sport fishing. Nearby, there are also easily accessible city activities which include Coney Island, restaurants, and shopping.

The Climate and Scenery are Beautiful

California is known for its perfect temperatures and sunny weather. The climate is ideal for a beach vacation, and Balboa Island has plenty of beach space to go around. The classic imagery of waving palm trees, white sand, and blue ocean waves can all be found on the shores of Balboa Island.
The houses reflect classic beach house style and only add to the beauty of the island. Californian water temperatures are the best the U.S. has to offer, and the swimming alone can make the trip worth it.

There is No Shortage of Restaurants

Balboa Island is home to just about every kind of cuisine you could ask for. Everything from American to Swiss-French is available to a Balboa Island tourist. Furthermore, if you can’t find what you want on the island, it only takes a short drive across the bridge to access mainland Newport Beach’s wide selection of dining options. Some of the best on Balboa Island are simple, homey comfort foods found in restaurants that are more than they seem.

It’s Easy to Find Family-Friendly Entertainment 
When you visit Balboa Island, you are not restricted to the island’s sandy beaches alone. The entirety of Newport Beach and the surrounding cities are at your disposal with all they have to offer. Live music, festivals, plays, and essentially anything else you could imagine awaits you just off the coast of Balboa Island. 

A notable mention is Once Upon an Island, where kids and parents can enjoy mermaid-themed fun. Of course, there are plenty of adult activities as well such as kite surfing, speed boat rentals, and a few welcoming bars.

While there are plenty of fun, exciting, and beautiful places to see in California, you should be sure to put Balboa Island on your list of places to visit. The quaint island vacation with easy access to city amenities is not something you can find everywhere. The family-friendly atmosphere is great for kids yet continues to provide fun for people of all ages. Whether you’re a retiree ready to start your golden years on a beach or a young family looking to play in the ocean, Balboa Island is a great place to go.


50% Off Corinthia Hotels Five Star Malta

Happy New Year to all our readers. The Resort Guide would like to extend the very best wishes for the year ahead and hopes that 2016 will be a year of exciting travel and discovery.

Having endured the wettest December on record in the UK we are already looking forward to the prospect of shaking off the winter blues and travelling to warmer, sunnier climes.

Whilst researching some of this year's hot spots we were drawn to Malta, positioned in the heart of the Mediterranean. Small but perfectly formed, Malta is stuffed with atmosphere and history. With plenty of reasonably priced direct flights from many UK airports, Malta is a long standing destination of choice for discerning British travellers who appreciate the blend of culture and modern luxury that the island offers and this is reflected by the increasing number of luxury hotels and resorts available.

Corinthia Hotels boasts two of the finest five star hotels in Malta - the secluded Palace Hotel and Spa and another overlooking St George's Bay.

Experience more of this stunning sunshine isle for less this year.

Corinthia Hotel's annual sale begins this week. By booking directly online at guest will be offered a 50% discount on room rates.

Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa (Malta)

The Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa is a peaceful haven set amid lush sub tropical gardens. 

Located opposite the President’s Palace and adjacent San Anton Gardens, just minutes from the medieval ‘silent city’ of Mdina and the island's capital of Valletta the hotel has authentic charm, history and understated elegance. 


Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay

The Corinthia Hotel St George’s Bay offers stunning, panoramic views over the Mediterranean. Luxury and elegance abound in this beautiful five star hotel and is the perfect place to enjoy the glorious Maltese sunshine.

The 50% discount offer is only available when booking through the website and expires on 24 March 2016, and is valid for stays until 31 December 2016. The 50% off is also valid on Corinthia’s other properties in Europe except for London where they are offering a 30% off on all room rates as part of the sale.