France In A Flash - Arrange A Quick French Getaway

France In A Flash - How To Arrange A Super-quick French Getaway

Sometimes you just want to drop it all and get out of the country for a bit. Maybe an overnight stay or a weekend is all you need to get a change of scene and perhaps a bit of perspective on life at home. For such last-minute travel whims booking a flight is a drag. Firstly, you need to research the airline operators who use your local airport, then pick a destination that won’t set you back a fortune, then work out their baggage charges and airport taxes. For a quick getaway, airports are really nothing like as convenient as they used to be even twenty years ago.

Instead, consider a trip to France as a much more viable option for your party, especially if it is to be arranged at the last moment. By foot, it is easy to get to the Channel ports of Northern France like Calais, Dunkirk or Boulogne-sur-mer. If you choose to take your car, then it is not much further to head into Normandy, Belgium or even the French capital itself, Paris. Any of these destinations are perfectly good choices for a short break - even a single overnight stay. If you are going for a weeklong getaway, then most of Western Europe opens up as a holiday destination.

However, if you are looking for a super-quick break, then it is likely that you won’t want much onward travel once you hit French soil. Additionally, you will probably find it more convenient to take your car on Eurotunnel than via one of the ferry operators. This is because the Le Shuttle services that run through the tunnel are faster than a ferry to France and you can get on enjoying your getaway all the sooner. Booking is quite easy and there are various pricing points that you can look over which reflect the length of your chosen stay.

Once in France, it is easy to get into the swing of things and relax a little. For starters, the French autoroutes are – generally speaking – much more pleasant to drive on than the UK’s motorways. Most French towns have tourist offices which you can navigate to by simply following the signs. Here, you will be able to arrange your accommodation quite easily and there is usually someone around who can help in English, if your French is not that good. However, if you are travelling on a Sunday, then it is a wise move to book your accommodation in advance, because many of these offices shut.

Once settled into your bed and breakfast, self-catering accommodation or hotel, head out and sample some of the local French culture. For many, of course, this means the local cuisine. If you are only staying for a night or two, make sure you get the best out of your visit and book a table at a good restaurant or bistro. Relax and enjoy with a glass or two of vin rouge!


48 Hours in Melbourne

48 hours in Melbourne is a perfect amount of time to discover everything this vibrant city is famous for. When you've come so far to visit, you need some easy tips to help you make the most of your Australia holiday.

Getting Around Melbourne

Melbourne has convenient public transport and the number 35 service is a free tourist tram (look for the burgundy colour) and does a loop of the entire city. On your second day, stay on for the entire 45 minute journey or jump off at one of the many interesting stops.

melbourne tram

Historical Melbourne

Get to know this exciting destination on your first day by taking a quality walking tour to explore the laneways and historical corners that Melbourne is known for. When you've had your fill of the city's secrets, you can head off to the Botanical gardens, one of several museums or the Old Melbourne Goal which are all in close proximity and easy to include in your itinerary.

The Melbourne Museum is particularly large and you'll need to allocate a fair amount of time to see everything if you add this to your day.

Eating In Melbourne

Whatever you do, don't skip any meals while you are in Melbourne! With such a multicultural background, you can taste everything from Vietnamese crispy pancakes to decadent Italian gelato and world famous coffee on your holiday. You'll need every meal opportunity to try everything that catches your eye.

One of the more famous areas for café style eating is St Kilda, and in particular, Acland Street. Acland Street has cake shops that will remind many of their childhood. Gazing into windows with floor to ceiling cakes, agonising over which one to choose, then devouring your choice with an exquisite coffee is a perfect use of an hour or two.

A walk along the beach after your indulgence means you can walk off that cake, enjoy the scenery and see the historic Luna Park. If you're brave you could even have a quick ride on the rollercoaster!

A Touch Of Shopping

If you were born to shop, you've definitely come to the right place! There are plenty of boutique stores all throughout Melbourne. Australia holidays aren’t all about exploring the sights so you can justify a little shopping, right?

If you yearn for spectacular clothing that you won't see everywhere, Brunswick and Chapel Streets are well-known shopping hotspots. If you're really keen your entire 48 hours could easily be taken up buying goodies to add to your suitcase.

If you've still got energy after taking in the history, food and shopping in Melbourne consider hitting the town for a night out at the Crown Casino. More than just gaming, the entire area is an entertainment precinct that will have you dancing the night away, and probably trying some more spectacular food!