Save a bundle with a package holiday

For many people, the package holiday is a relic of the past, something to be remembered fondly but with no real desire to bring it back. This isn’t the case for many people, and there is a great deal to be said for the fact that the package is still a vital component of life for many folk. You may wonder why in the day and age of budget flights and online discounts why anyone would be looking to enjoy a package holiday, but it needs to be said that there are a number of benefits that arise from booking a package holiday. It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but for plenty of people, a package holiday is the ideal way to get a break from their normal life.

While on the surface you may think that booking every component of your holiday separately will be cheaper, this isn’t always the case. There is often a cost saving to be made in buying a package holiday and this can see you save money overall. The cost of your flights and then getting to your accommodation and then your accommodation can all add up, and this is before you think about how you want to eat and drink or what sort of social activities that you want to enjoy. Some package holidays provide you with everything you could look for in one bundle, and this means that it is often the most affordable way to book your holiday.

Package holidays offer a stress free solution

Another major reason for booking a package holiday is that it is a stress free solution. Removing all of the work and stress from booking a holiday is a big thing for most people. Being able to arrange everything in one go is a massive boon to most people and when it comes to making life easier, booking a package holiday is the simplest way to get away. There is a wide range of options available to choose from when it comes to package holidays and you can rest assured that no matter what your hobbies or interests are, there will be something that is perfect for you.

There is a massive range of options to choose from when it comes to package holidays, with these being some of the most popular package holiday trips available to choose from:
  • Buckerell Lodge Hotel Christmas
  • The Magic of Andalusia
  • Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands
  • Jizz in Malta
  • Secrets of Mediterranean Spain
  • Jewels of the Emerald Isle
  • Crete and the Minoan Culture for solo travellers
  • Ballroom and Latin American Dancing in Cyprus
  • Artistic Collections of Dorset
  • Amsterdam and the Golden Rain of Dutch Art
The diversity of those packages should ensure that there is something for everyone, no matter what you enjoy in life.

The package holiday can also ensure that you get to see everything that you want to. Rather than having to arrange public transport or hire a car to see all of the sites, a package holiday can provide you with the perfect way to get around, taking you directly to where you want to be. This provides a great deal of comfort and makes life so much easier.

Get better value for money

You will also find that opting for a package holiday provides you with better services and better value for money. When everything is booked in one go, you will often find that there is a chance to get the better resorts. These resorts and destinations are keen to have their rooms booked out in advance, which means that they are keen to work with package holiday operators. Booking independently may mean you have to settle for second class service or accommodation at times, so if you are keen to relax while on your break, booking a package holiday will offer peace of mind and confidence.

There is also a lot to be said for the level of safety that comes with package holidays. If you are booking trips yourself, you may not know if a certain area is safe or not, so booking with a reliable and reputable provider gives you one less thing to worry about. This is even more important if you are travelling with loved ones.
When it comes to the top holiday of choice, everyone will have their own ideas about what sort of break is best for their needs. However, knowing that there is an opportunity to find the right deal at the right price is a great comfort for most folk.

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Family Fun in Abu Dhabi

A trip to the United Arab Emirates’ second largest city Abu Dhabi is an exciting and fun experience for all. So what are the five best family activities for those visiting Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi, the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates, sits on the coast of the Gulf Peninsula. A modern city in an exotic location, it’s a popular tourist destination for families. 

It is also home to many workers from overseas who service the construction, leisure and of course oil businesses.  Taking advantage of tax free salaries many UK expats choose to protect their income by opening an offshore bank account and depositing their income in them for safety.

So when visiting Abu Dhabi, what are five great family activities to take part in?

Al Ain in Abu Dhabi offers a selection of opportunities for family fun. The second largest city in the Abu Dhabi Emirate and also known as ‘The Garden City,’ it provides a number of activities to excite the little ones, while still ensuring Mam and Dad will have fun.

One of the best family activities in the area is Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium, situated at the foothills of the Jebel Hafeet Mountains. The Zoo, which contains a cathouse and reptile house also has a selection of animals at home in the Arabian environment such as the Oryx and the Lechure.

Notably, it keeps a near extinct White Lion, one of only 200 of the creatures remaining in the world. Even more unusually, it also hosts a number of mechanical dinosaur models called the ‘Dinosaur Trail.’

However, if you’re family are more inclined towards action, then Hili Fun City may be more up your street. The amusement park which was referred to as the Disneyland of the GCC has a large selection of amusement rides for families.

Varying from adrenaline inducing roller-coasters to the more sedate carousels, the park is a great place to engage in family activities. It also offers a selection of shops and it prides itself on the fact it is an eco-conscious amusement park.

Corniche, offers a more natural form of entertainment, situated along Abu Dhabi’s spectacular waterfront; it winds along from the Sheraton Hotel to the Hilton Hotel along the coastline. Lined with trees and parks, Corniche is one of the most picturesque places in Abu Dhabi.

While visiting, lie under one of the many umbrellas on one of the beaches in the area, or swim in one of the beautiful life-guard manned pools. Corniche is also a great place for a family walk, bike ride or rollerblade and in addition offers children’s playgrounds and beach volleyball courts. 

Ferrari World on Yas Island, in Abu Dhabi offers more petrol orientated thrills. The world’s largest indoor theme park, it’s themed around the Italian car maker and boasts the world’s fastest rollercoaster - The Formula Rossa. If touching near 150mph speeds doesn’t suit you, the park also has junior go-carts and junior driving schools for children as well as less hasty adult rides for non-speed freaks.

Finally, for a more traditional Abu Dhabi experience why not go and see a camel race at the Al Wathba Race Track. An experience unique to the Middle-East, camel racing is sure to intrigue adults and children alike. Visit the races from Winter-time, until they end with the Annual Camel Racing Festival in April.